Using Influencer Marketing Successfully


How to Use Influencer Marketing Successfully

When it comes to influencer marketing, many business owners still haven’t gotten on board. Influencer marketing is relatively new, but the idea of it isn’t new at all. Influencer marketing has been around ever since advertising has. Celebrity endorsements are definitely a form of influencer marketing. But in its current state, influencer marketing refers to internet personalities that may not be celebrities in the traditional sense, but still have a lot of influence over their followers. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of influencer marketing.

Look for Quality Influencers

When you search out influencers that you can use to promote your brand, don’t base your search on how many followers they have. People that have very little influence over their audience could have millions of followers, none of whom care much about what the person recommends. It is better to find an influencer that the audience trusts and listens to with a smaller audience than someone with a huge one that can make little impact with recommendations.

Make Sure You Can Measure Results

When you set up your campaign, you want to be able to measure your results. Imagine paying an influencer thousands of dollars to promote your product and then not knowing if they even posted about you on their platform, or whether anyone responded. You need to set up a referral link, monitor the influencer carefully and ensure that you are getting your money’s worth so that you can decide whether or not to use them again.

Be Aware of the Timeline

Influencer marketing isn’t necessarily something that happens right away. In fact, an influencer taking a very subtle approach to promoting your product over a period of months will have more success than one that just blasts your website URL over social media for a few days or weeks.

Make Sure the Influencer is Consistent across Platforms

You need to ensure that the influencer is consistently promoting your company over multiple platforms. The same people follow influencers across all of their social media accounts. So, if your influencer is promoting you as the best SEO company they have ever used on Twitter, but saying the exact same thing about someone else on Facebook, none of the followers that see those posts are going to use either company. They will know it is a paid promotion and just ignore it completely.




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