THINGS Not To Do While Marketing Online


Never BlackhatAs easy it may seem, there are constant threats and challenges businessmen face while marketing online. Pouring up whole your content on your website or Facebook page or even blog is not called internet marketing. One must be careful enough to figure out what are the things not to be done because elimination of garbage always leads to accuracy and exactness.

  • Never publish your website unless it is complete. Firstly it gives a more negative first impression. Secondly, chances are very rare that the viewer will wait and revisit your site after completion. Rather he would opt for other available websites.
  • Never get distracted from your target audience. It’s good to expand your horizons but forgetting the actual target audience while trying to acquire new ones is not recommended. For instance, how would you feel if all that you see in your Facebook news feeds are advertisements only and a one or two updates from your friends? You would never log in again.
  • User registration before you let him visit your website is not always beneficial. In general, viewers do not prefer sites which make registration a mandate unless your offered content is exceptionally unique. And if the registration is something you cannot avoid, try to keep it as simple as possible requiring minimum user data input.
  • Never use black hat SEO techniques to improvise your web page rankings. Be it keyword stuffing or invisible text or page swapping, punishments could be severe once the techniques are detected.
  • Do not use a large number of technical jargons while talking about product features. Not everyone needs these many technical specifications. Keep your language as simple as possible.
  • Never make everything too automated on your website. A general concern of users while using customer care facilities is that when they want an actual human being to listen up to their problems, all they get is an automated program asking them to provide information with the assurance that they will get back soon to the user.

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