Things About AMAZON You Never Knew


Amazon very aptly called the king of e-commerce, is the most trusted shopping website. Whether it’s about easy returns or a personalized user experience or a reputable customer service, Amazon wins at all. Apart from logging in, searching the required products and making a purchase, there are a lot of bullet points a customer should know about Amazon.  Listed ahead are a few of them which can make your experience much better.


If you like to review products, then this is something interesting for you. For a few elite reviewers, Amazon sends out invitations for the ‘Vine’ club. These reviewers are asked to select two products out of the list Amazon carries them, and they can keep them if they provide the review within thirty days. And Amazon even has an algorithm, based on quality and consistency, to find out the best reviewer.


In New York, Seattle, California, and London, you can use Amazon Locker to get your packages delivered and pick up later anytime. It is a 24/7 facility and to get the package; the user just has to enter a code received through SMS or email.



A new twist in online product search comes with Amazon Flow. Instead of typing the product name or scanning the barcode, here you just need to upload a picture of your product and  Flow automatically adds it to your shopping list. It is available as a standalone app.

 Kindle Store

This feature comes as a godsend for upcoming writers. With Kindle Direct Publishing, you can get your books published for free and set any selling price. The only catch here is that Amazon keeps 30% of all royalties.


If the customer buys a product falling under the category of Amazon Smile, 0.5 % of the total cost goes to a charity of the choice of the client. It costs nothing extra to the buyer. Amazing, isn’t it



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