The potential of the internet for commercial purposes was recognized long back. Uncountable commercial activities use the internet. With expanding technology, this is being done in more and more creative ways.

Spam is one of those internet features which make us wrinkle our noses in distaste. They are largely unwanted and scary. About 2 trillion messages are received on American email addresses every year. Advertisement is necessary for business and Capitalism rules. So, unfortunately, spam is going to stick around for some time.

A short and basic introduction

Spam refers to messages that are sent to huge lists of emails collectively. The recipients are randomly selected and messages are sent without them asking for them. These are basically unsolicited emails cluttering up the inbox.

Usually, recipients are unable to do anything about this. One might see any option to stop these emails in the future. Often attempts to do so do more harm than good. It confirms the existence of the user for the sender and might result in an increased inflow of spam.

Generally, people are wary of doing anything with spam emails due to their bad reputation. Spam emails are known for containing malware. That is where the major distaste for spam comes from.

The dark side

The word  has grown into general use to refer to anything unwanted that clutters. Such is the frustration they have caused worldwide. This misuse of the electronic mail threatens the sense of security and peace of the people.

The nature of malicious software is deceiving. Email advertisements sent out to thousands of people are a great nesting place for such malware. Emails designed as attractive advertisements can lead to many falling victims to cyber-attacks. Stricter anti-malware features and cyber laws have to so their best to ensure user safety.

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