Search Engine Optimization As A Marketing Strategy


Search Engine Optimization As A Marketing Strategy – Ever wonder how some results show up on top out of the thousands of search results? Does it take some work to reach the top? Yes it does. Search Engine Optimization is what it takes.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is an important web marketing strategy. It involves creating content in a way that increases it’s visibility on the internet.

How it was

The importance of ranking good in the search results was realized early on. So the webmasters used tactics to enhance their contents’ visibility.  The early search engines’ algorithms were cheated by some of these tactics. For example, meta tags cold be used to index content of each page. The problem was that meta tags could have information different from the actual information of the page. Many keywords used by webmaster did not represent the information accurately. This resulted in irrelevant search results showing up for certain keywords.

The present scenario

Now, that is a problem for search engines. Irrelevant search results could lead to distrust and dissatisfaction. Today, more complex algorithms exist to protect a search engine’s reliability. Search engines like Bing and Google no longer even index meta tags.

Algorithms have been designed to try and have quality content on top. Earlier the quantity could trump quality. A website cluttered with low quality texts could have a better ranking than quality material. Not anymore. The context also matters. Earlier, links in irrelevant sites would count. Now a link in a relevant webpage counts more than five out of context ones.

Along with keywords (which are content-related) relevance, uniqueness and good distribution can take you places.

Rest not assured

As a marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have many recommendations. This is because search engines keep changing their algorithms. Any company that relies too much on SEO should be prepared too suddenly lose visitors.



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